The Raintite Guarantee

This is the 25 year guarantee you get with every installation of a Fatra coated metal.

25 Year guarantee for the bonded steel product fatraCoated metal
If any faults, demonstrably resulting from a defect within the process conducted by Raintite Trading Ltd. The manufacturer will provide sufficient material required to rectify said faults free of charge. The manufacturer will ascertain what remedial action is required and supply materials to meet that requirement.
The Guarantee period commences at the time of delivery to the initial customer. The guarantee period will not last longer than 25 years and any interim repairs will not increase this period.

Conditions required for application of this Guarantee

  • The manufacturer of membrane, steel substrate and coating process shall be given adequate notice of any faults and access provided for the inspection of said faults.
  • Installation was conducted within the guidelines and recommendations of bothfatra and Raintite Trading Ltd
  • All conditions detailed in the standard fatra (UK) guarantee have been achieved.
  • Installation / fabrication was carried out by personnel having a valid training certificate as issued by fatra(UK)Ltd.
  • The materials will be provided to the original purchaser upon written proof of the initial purchase date and quantity.

Raintite accept no responsibility / liability for the following

  • Structural design, specification and testing of load bearing items manufactured form products supplied by Raintite Trading ltd
  • Suitability of saidfatra product for specific applications.
  • Consequential loss resulting from faulty goods services or practices.
  • Water flow characteristics of specific designs.
  • Jointing, fabrication or installation methods.
  • Mechanical, chemical damage or miss application & misuse