Product Specifications

A modified pvc based product, specifically designed for roofing & rainwater products.

Conventional PVC roofing technology requires the use of low molecular weight liquid plastisol polymers applied to lightweight fabrics to create a flexible membrane. Over time, UV, heat and environmental contaminants draw the plastisol (plasticizer) to the surface of the membrane where it's washed away by wind and rain. This plasticizer migration reduces flexibility and leaves the membrane susceptible to damage from thermal shock, hail impact and foot traffic. Additional effects of plasticizer migration on the in situ aging process can make the membrane difficult to repair, and subsequently impossible to maintain.
Fatra Coated metal is engineered using an alternate technology whereby a Plasticizer Free PVC, (non-Plasticised Polyvinyl Chloride) is used. This unique development vastly reduces the ageing process and the subsequent potential modes of failure.
This coating technology is then thermally bonded to hot dip galvanized steel with 4 added protective layers of epoxy polyester paint. The result is a high performance membrane coated steel product that remains flexible and ideally suited for roofing and guttering applications.

1 Widths 1000mm, 1250mm & 1475mm
(1475 membrane)
(Alternative widths by agreement)
2 Steel substrates 0.4 to 1.5mm (Alternative thicknesses by agreement)
3 Mechanical properties, suitable for cold forming with any standard production method :- shearing, press brake and folding (with gauge compensation) Hot dipped galvanized to BSen 10346 : 2009
DX 51D G275 & AZ 150
4 Adhesion 100% flat cross hatch & Erickson, cut cross hatch (with tape)
5 Corrosion resistance 1000 hrs humidity & salt spray
6 Hot air welding temperature, (no requirement for sealants or cleaning agents) up to 410 Deg C
(Dependant upon ambient temperature)
7 Chemical Bonding Can be chemically bonded please contact us to discuss the application in detail
8 Cold forming 16 deg C minimum
9 Anti slip Test Data Wet Pendulum PTV=34 (moderate slip potential)
Dry Pendulum PTV= 46 (Low slip potential)
Rz value 9.1

1 Thickness 1,2mm +/- 0,25 mm (Alternative thicknesses by agreement)
2 Standard widths (Alternative widths by agreement) 1000, 1250 / 1475  +/- 5 mm 
3 Surface Unique Textured anti slip emboss
4 Colour (Alternative colour subject to minimum order quantities) Dark grey (alternatives by agreement)
4 Flexibility in low temperatures  insensitivity to hot-cold cycles Excellent
6 Resistance to weathering and ultraviolet rays Excellent
7 Fire precautions Self extinguishing and does
no resent Fire hazard when
in storage, transit or use Class 0 spread of flame
8 Heat Welding Fumes are given off whilst welding but do not present a problem in a normal roof situation. Extraction is required for enclosed / confined areas
9 Composition Non reinforced film manufactured from modified PVC